The 18th National Physics Olympiad

Organized by the Ministry of Education and Training, the Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations (VUSTA), Vietnam Physics Society (VPS) and Telecommunications University (TCU), the 18th National Student Physics Olympiad took place in Nha Trang City from April 23rd to 26th, 2015.

In this year's contest, there were 43 colleges, universities and academies across the country with 250 students competing.

PVU Physics Olympiad team participated with 7 students, competing in all three contest contents, namely solving problems, experiments and multiple choice

PVU Physics Olympiad team won 4 first prizes (out of a total of 27 first prizes awarded for all three contest contents), 1 second prize and 2 third prizes. Four first prizes belonged to On Kim Thinh, Truong Khoi Nguyen, Nguyen Di Tung and Le Duc Tho.

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In particular, PVU's first prizes were among the highest scores. With those achievements, PVU was awarded the first prize of the whole group by the organizers.

This is only the second year PVU participated in the contest and we made a great progress compared to the first time.

The achievements of PVU Physics Olympiad team once again affirm the training quality and efforts of PVU lectures and students. PVU has been recognized in national contests.