Progression Training Program of Geology


In order to select a course properly, the participant should identify the topic and its knowledge level of course. The courses in the below table are arranged in the different topics with the level of increasing competence from left side to right side. The courses which have same scientific content are grouped into sub-table in the same color. In addition, the courses having the same color and in lower competence level are prerequisite for the courses of higher competence level. Each cell of the table includes the course name and its code. The course outlines of this program are displayed in Appendix I. 

  Foundation Skill Advanced
General Knowledge
Applied Petroleum Geology – GE01
Development Geology  - GE02
Fundamentals of Exploration for Hydrocarbons – GE03
Reservoir Geology – GE04
Deepwater Sedimentary Systems: Exploration and Production – GE05
Techniques In Play Fairway Analysis– GE61
Structure & Tectonics
Characterising Continental Rift Infills: Depositional Analysis and Extensional Development of the Triassic Fundy Basin – GE06
Structure and Fault Systems in Hydrocarbon Exploration – GE07
Structural Geology in Petroleum – GE08
Fault Stress & Fracturing Structural Geology for Reservoir Characterization: Seismic-scale Outcrop Analogues & Applied Method - – GE09
Complex Carbonate Reservoirs – GE10
Evaluating and Managing Fractured Reservoirs – GE11
Stress and Geomechanical Analyses – GE12
Top Seals and Fault Seals in Clastic and Carbonate Reservoirs: a Practical Approach for Exploration, Production and Reservoir Engineering – GE13
Compressional and Transpressional Structural Styles - CPST – GE14
Balanced Cross Sections In Compressional And Extensional Terranes – GE15
Structural Geology in Petroleum Exploration and Development – GE16
Structural Styles and Hydrocarbon Traps in Compressive Basins – GE17
Rifts and Ext. Tectonics Rift Basins - Key Factors in Exploration, Development and Production – GE18
Geological Analysis of Faulted and Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Naturally Fractured Reservoirs – GE19
Deep-water Turbidite Depositional Systems and Reservoirs  – GE20
Rift basin reservoirs – from outcrop to model – GE21
Stratigraphic Modeling: Basin Architecture & Sediment Distribution – GE22
Tectonics and Hydrocarbons in Extensional Basins, Extensional and Wrench Tectonics and Sedimentation – GE23
Salt Tectonics Practical Salt Tectonics– GE24
Salt Geology and Tectonics – GE25
Applied Structural Geology in Hydrocarbon Systems Analysis – GE26
Structural Geology and Seismic Interpretation for Petroleum Exploration and Production – GE27
Fault seal Analysis and Traptester – GE58
Advanced Basin Analysis – GE60
Introduction to Biostratigraphy – GE28
Sequence and Seismic stratigraphy – GE29
Seismic Stratigraphy & Seismic Geomorphology of Deep-Water Depositional Systems: Processes and Products – GE30
High Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy – GE31
Advanced Sequence Stratigraphy: Principles and Applications – GE32
Fluvial and Deltaic Depositional Systems Sedimentology – GE57
Avo, Inversion & Attributes - Analysis And Application – GE59
Carbonate Sedimentology
Geology of Carbonate Reservoirs – GE33

Carbonate Depositional Systems:

Reservoir Sedimentology and Digenesis – GE34

Depositional Systems and Sequence

Stratigraphy of Carbonate Rocks – GE35

Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy and Application to Petroleum Reservoirs – GE36
Fractured Reservoir Characterisation with Emphasis on Carbonates – GE37
Integrated Carbonate Reservoir Characterization – GE38
Hydrocarbon Habitat in Rift Basins – GE56
Advanced Carbonate Sedimentation, Sequence Stratigraphy & Reservoir Characterization – GE39
Carbonate Reservoir Modelling and Field Development Planning – GE40
Play Concepts and Controls on Porosity in Carbonate Reservoir Analogs – GE41
Complex Carbonate Reservoirs: Influence of Facies and Tectonic Processes on Porosity Development – GE42
Clastic Sedimentology
Geology of Clastic Reservoirs – GE43
Recent Depositional and Stratigraphic Analogues for Fluvial and Shallow Marine Reservoirs – GE44
Clastic Exploration and Reservoir Sedimentology- GE-45
Reservoir quality of clastic reservoirs – GE46
Exploration And Development Of Fluvial Reservoirs – GE47
Clastic Sedimentology for Exploration and Development  – GE48
Clastic Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentation – GE49
Fluvial and Deltaic Depositional Systems: Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoirs – GE50
Clastic Reservoir Prediction Using Advanced Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation – GE51
Sedimentology, Sequence Stratigraphy and Reservoir Architecture of Paralic Deposits – GE52
Characterisation, Modelling, Simulation and Development Planning in Deepwater Clastic Reservoirs – GE53
Sedimentology and Depositional Environments of Deepwater Deposits – GE54
Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Reservoir Geology of Deepwater Clastic Systems – GE55
Deep Water Exploration, Development, Production And Management Operations – GE62